Resort BrochurePrint Design »

I have very solid experience in designing for every type of print job. I've managed at least 700 of them in my 10 years, but I still long for that hexacrome job, with blind embossing, metallic accents, and 2 types of varnish. Oh yea. And a client that could use such majesty.


WebWeb Design »

It wasn't long until the world wide web demand the kind of design control that print had been offering for millenia. Take a designer, a new set of tools, shake vigorously, and voilà.


NIN 2 MarsVideo »

I have experience with Final Cut Pro and non-linear editing for video and audio. Take a minute to geek out to one of my favorite creations.

IllustrationIllustration »

I love Adobe Illustrator and the precision it allows me. I embrace any project that lets me put it to good use. I've illustrated web based workflows, industrial parts, maps, installation guides, logos and more. Vector based illustration is one of my favorite parts of any job.


FlashFlash Animation »

Few things bring a website to life as well as a little Flash based animation. I've created Flash accents for several cost conscious clients. I've also implemented flash based photo galleries.


MacMac Support & IT »

I was an employee working the floor on the day Apple's first retail store opened in Tyson's Corner, Virginia. Being a Mac "Power User" really enhances my capabilities. An efficient designer has to know their tools.